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Irish Folk Music

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

I know Saint Patrick's Day was last week but I thought I'd find a video featuring some Irish instruments and folk music. Everyone knows what bagpipes are but not many know of the Uilleann pipes! Here is a video of the Uilleann pipes coupled with a fiddle! The Uilleann pipes work the same way as bagpipes using a sac of compressed air to fuel the instrument. The player isn't physically blowing the air herself but this instrument is definitely still considered a wind instrument. Notice how she squeezes the air out with her right arm and also uses her right wrist to press bigger drone keys on the face of the instrument! What an intricate system!

Note this video is of two musicians originating in South America. One from Argentina and one from Colombia. The fact that two people from different origins playing Irish folk music and doing it complete justice represents the most wonderful and fascinating aspect of music! Music crosses all borders/boundaries and shows us how similar we all are regardless of what part of the world we're brought up in! Enjoy!

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