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I believe that everyone can enjoy and be expressive on an instrument. Poor instruction and a lack of passion in music education allow students to become frustrated and bored, ultimately pushing them to quit their instruments.

My goal as a music educator is to teach the mechanics of an instrument as well as inspire a life-long passion for music. Therefore I make a point to encourage students to explore all the music there is to be had in their surrounding environment! This includes attending concerts, listening to great recordings, and savoring all the music our modern-day media offers! I am proud to say that most of my students develop a great interest in music, fueling them to push past their difficulties and achieve a high standard of musical performance!

With a mission in constant musical exploration, I teach a thorough curriculum of scales, exercises, duets, and standard solo repertoire pieces. Surrounding all this is a foundation in music theory. This pedagogical study will enable a fun and easy experience when students pick up their instruments to perform music!

In addition to this private study, I strongly encourage my students to reach out for extra-curricular musical activities outside their school music programs. This includes pursuing honor bands/orchestras, chamber music, music competitions, and effective musical examinations such as Certificate of Merit. Setting and achieving goals is the foundation of growth in anything we do, and music is no exception.

                                                                        -Carter Willmann

Composing Music
Clarinet 1
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