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Pines of Rome

"The Pines of Rome" be Ottorino Respighi is one of my favorite pieces! Although originally written for a full symphony orchestra, I've found an arrangement for wind band performed by "The President's Own" marine band!

The is written in 4 movements and is a tone poem depicting the trees of Rome in certain areas of the city at different times of the day! The first movement depicts children playing amongst the trees in the gardens. The 2nd movement depicts the shadows of the trees hanging over the entrance to the Roman catacombs. It takes on a sudden sombre feeling. The 3rd movement depicts the moon shining amongst the trees on the hill of the temple of Janus. This is an extremely serene movement and is home to one of the most beautiful clarinet solos ever written in my opinion. The 4th movement depicts the trees at sunrise on the Appian Way, the great military road leading into Rome. Respighi depicts a victorious Roman legion coming home from war. He even instructs the organ to play the bottom B-flat to depict the rumble of thousands of marching footsteps. It is a very powerful ending to a wonderful piece of music!

Please listen to this piece in its entirety if you can! I'll give you the wind band version and the full symphony orchestra version! Enjoy!

Wind Band

Original Orchestral Version

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